What Does the Color of Your Dress Say About Your Personality?


It is not a myth, believe that. It’s a form of art. The way we dress and colors exude certain factors and hook on subjects that are interesting to know as they abide with one’s personality.

Basically, before putting on a dress, you make up your mind and that lays ground of what it could say about your personality. Read on to find out more what colors say about your personality.

Black: A very versatile choice and stands out as a bold statement of power, elegance, class and sophistication. The color also talks about authority and the art of asserting oneself confidently among people, situations, and life in general.

Blue: This color gives signals of trust, empathy, compassion, peace and positivity. People who wear blue are usually upright in their attitude and keep persistence on check. These people can make fair judgments and enjoy conversations. They can be approached and approach another person openly and make eye-to-eye contacts. A good sense of humor is also a feature.

Brown: This color associates a person with a notion of authenticity, trust, and empathy for life’s simple things. It also tells about a sense of fashion and genuine nature. Emotional stability, a balance of life, quick wit and wisdom are quite a thing about people who wear brown color.

Gray: This color engraves an impulse of neutrality and balance in life aspects. People who are fond of gray color are immensely sound of mind, authoritative, sophisticated and self-aware. It can also give off signals of depression and detachment.

Green: A sense of positivity cannot better be put beyond a level without green color. It opens up about a person of calm nature, amicable, openness to nature, philanthropy and doing well for the world. It encourages a deep sense of healing and relaxation.

Pink: It shows warmth and desire to be adored by everyone. People who put on pink outfits are usually of calm nature, have a nurtured and organized sense of style. It lets people know of giving unconditional affection to others. Apart from its association with femininity, many men like to wear it to show a sense of negating stereotypes.

Purple: This color gives a signal of wealth, luxury and sophistication. It also tells about a person that they are deep into spirituality and positivity. It has an inner depth that forces an opinion about a person to be a deep minded, thinker, mature and open. It has an association with art, creativity and sensitivity.

Red: It is basically the color that radiates a sense of style, charm, and sheer confidence. People who wear red are often outspoken, cautious about their style statement and symbolize passion, aggression, assertion, and romance. It is empowering, overwhelming and gives a quick idea of sensuality in a person. It also shows that approaching people who wear red can be generously approached and talked.

White: The color of peace, tranquility and simplicity. It goes well with one’s style statement of simplicity and decency. White color is every charming, friendly and also shows sincerity. It generally associates with people who are broad minded, proactive and passionate about interests in life.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress


Congratulations, you are getting married! You must have stressed about the perfect wedding dress that has all the galore and persona you dreamt as a girl. To make it come true, there are certain good rules you should observe and know before making the purchase.

Limit your company:

It’s a no-no to bring so many people to stores. You’ll have mixed opinions and even drive yourself mad listening to not one or two but so many of people. Avoid it. Bring only a few whose opinion you value.

Learn about hidden costs:

Basically, like your dinner bill, there are some inclusive payments you make that are not known to you in the first place. Same thing here; headpiece, alterations, and veil will add-up that won’t be showcased along with your wedding dress on a mannequin.

Optional to buy the perfect undergarments:

Before you get tricked at stores by the all-smiling crew, you should realize that undergarments are optional to buy. You could save some money. Who are even seeing them unless you have warm plans for the night?

Get your salon to make special arrangement:

Bridal salons can reach out to your request if you let them know of a specific fashion in advance. Chances are your salon would arrange your style of dress especially for you.

Do not have second thoughts:

When you’re en route to stores and feel discouraged of thoughts like what if you’re not able to find the one you are looking for. Don’t think so; there are plenty of varieties of many of designers who could actually favor your particular taste.

Shop according to your body:

It’s strictly advised that you do not buy anything short or large. Go for the size that fits you. Forget about lending it to someone and their size. No matter what your shape is – thin, petite or full. If you have a custom plan of dropping weight prior to your wedding, go for that particular size.

Book an appointment first:

There are so many ladies like you looking for the ‘perfect dress.’ You can simply skip the topsy-turvy step of going without an appointment and having to run in a salesperson’s little attention. They will preset your preferences, ensure that you reach quality service and keep out clean of undivided attention by the sales workers at the store.

Go for your favorite crew(s):

You might have been pleased by someone’s good behavior or unconditional service to you. Call at your store and request them to offer your favorite salesperson to assist you during your shopping day. You can also request the salesperson personally if that is allowed to do.

Don’t show up on day 1 of sample sales:

It is really messy on day one. So many other ladies and you may not get the attention you require. It is not the case that the best things run out right away on the first day, samples are introduced periodically and the store managers know this strategy that some shoppers show up late. Eye for this particular strategy and know about the sample sales days that are going to run. Go after a few days.

Show up on odd days:

Odd days are quite underrated. On a typical Friday or Saturday, stores are going to be overcrowded and you might not run into a good chance of getting the best dress and may regret later on. Skip the drama; go on a Tuesday, when there should be fewer people because everyone is tied up on schedule. You can skip work, take a day off or take some time off during your holiday or vacation to get your best dress.

Wear a waist cincher

A waist cincher is a must on your wedding day , that way you no longer have to worry about the extra fat you’ve gained on your tummy . For a full comprehensive guide on how to find one and the best practices of wearing a waist cincher visit thebodylovers